Essex Havering & Harold Hill Branch
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Who we are

Who we are

RSPCA Essex, Havering & Harold Hill Branch relies totally on donations, local fundraising and legacies to support our work with animal welfare in our branch area.

We provide the following

  • Rehoming RSPCA generated cats and dogs.
  • Subsidised veterinary at our Campbell Clinic in Harold Hill, Romford
  • Homecheck service to the RSPCA animal centres.
  • Fundraising events for the local area.
  • Pet advice and guidance for local people.
  • Community animal action events. These include initiatives such as subsidised microchipping, worm and flea treatments.

Our Campbell Clinic

The RSPCA Essex, Havering & Harold Hil branch's Campbell Clinic offers a welfare clinic for pet owners who fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

To be a client of the RSPCA Essex, Havering & Harold Hil branch you will need to:

  • live within our catchment area
  • not be using any animals for breeding purposes of any kind
  • Pets Must be microchipped
  • and be in receipt of one of the following: Incapacity Allowance, Income Support, JSA/ESA,  (which must be accompanied by Housing benefit which must be in the same name as benefit) State Pension.

Pet owners must provide Photo identification and proof of current address with a utility bill or a bank statement.

To register at the clinic you must attend in person during our opening hour's with all necessary paperwork.

Clinic Hours:-

Our opening times are as follows:

General Enquires (subject to change)
Monday 9:30am - 2:00pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 2:00pm 
Wednesday 9:30am - 2:00pm
Thursday 9:30am - 2:00pm

Vet in attendance: (subject to change)
Tuesday 10am-2pm and Thursday 10am-2pm

This is by appointment only

Below is listed all of the area's that our branch covers. 
if you are within our branch area and are in receipt of the correct beneifts or state pension you can use our Campbell Clinic .

All must be accompanied by Housing Benefit or rate rebate 
The benefits included are Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Sickness/Invalidity benefit.

below is a list of all the area's we cover :-RM1 1, RM1 2, RM1 3, RM1 4, RM1 9, RM2 5, RM2 6, RM3 0, RM3 7, RM3 8, RM3 0, RM4 1, RM5 2, RM5 3, RM5 4, RM6 5, RM6 6, RM7 9, RM7 7, RM7 8, RM7 9, RM11 1, RM11 2, RM11 3, RM12 4, RM12 5, RM12 6, RM13 7, RM13 8, RM13 9, RM14 1, RM14 2, RM14 3, RM15 4, RM15 5, RM15 6, RM15 9, RM16 1, RM16 2, RM16 3, RM16 4, RM16 5, RM16 6, RM17 5, RM17 6, RM18 7, RM18 8, RM18 8SF, RM19 1, RM20 1, RM20 2, RM20 3, RM20 4, RM50 1, RM50 2, RM50 4, SS13 1, SS13 2, SS13 3, SS14 0, SS14 1, SS14 2, SS14 3, SS14 9, SS15 4, SS15 5, SS15 6, SS16 4, SS16 5, SS16 6, SS17 0, SS17 7, SS17  8, SS17 9, 

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