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Practical animal care

Practical animal care volunteer roles aren't just about dog walking.

Watch the video below to see how giving up a little of your time can help make a big difference to the lives of animals in our care.

What does the role involve?

As a practical animal care volunteer, you will be provided with training and equipment to ensure you are able to carry out the duties without risk to your health.

Therefore we ideally require a commitment from you to volunteer regularly. Your local branch or centre can provide specific details.

The opportunities to volunteer with animals vary from area to area. Use the volunteer search on the right to find practical animal care opportunities near you.


Could you be a fosterer?

Some of our branches and centres operate fostering schemes. As a volunteer fosterer, you will look after animals in your own home, until such a time as the animal finds a new home. Find out more about becoming a volunteer fosterer.

Other volunteer roles

Although not all areas can offer practical hands-on volunteering roles, other volunteer roles still contribute significantly to our work to improve animal welfare.

If you can't get involved in a practical role in your area, why not consider another volunteer opportunity where you can still give your time to make a difference to animal welfare?

Please note: unfortunately we have limited volunteering opportunities for anyone under the age of 16, especially in practical animal care.


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A few hours of your time would make a huge difference to the animals in our care.


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