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The Honours award categories

Please take a look at the different categories in the RSPCA Honours.

Founders Awards

The RSPCA Gold, Silver and Bronze Honours - named after Richard Martin, Lord Erskine and Arthur Broome - are our highest awards, and are given to recognise and reward individuals and organisations for their outstanding contribution to animal welfare.

The Honours Award Committee judge a candidate's merit and award appropriately based on the nomination put forward. 

Queen Victoria Medals

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Queen Victoria Medals are given to a member or volunteer of the RSPCA in recognition of exceptional work and long service.

The Queen Victoria Medals are proposed by members and staff, then The Honours Award Committee judge each candidate’s merit and award appropriately.

Sir Patrick Moore Award

In memory of Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012)

The Sir Patrick Moore Award was a new award in 2014 in memory of the former astronomer and honorary RSPCA vice president and is given for outstanding contribution to animal welfare science.

William Wilberforce Award

An award given to an individual or organisation who has worked to further the link between human and animal welfare.

Young Person Award

This award is for a person under the age of 16 who has shown exceptional kindness and dedication to animals beyond that normally seen.

National and Local Media Award

An award given to a local or National journalist, broadcaster or media organisation for coverage and/or reporting that contributes to the field of animal welfare.

European Animal Welfare Award

This award is given in recognition of service to European animal welfare.

Overseas Award

Given for outstanding achievement in animal welfare outside the UK and Europe.

Special Investigation Award

This award is for an individual or organisation that has undertaken investigative or undercover work in order to expose animal cruelty.

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