The Honours award categories

If you’d like to nominate someone you know, or a deserving animal, for a prestigious Honour award take a look at the categories below.

Nominating couldn’t be easier, simply select the appropriate category and complete our online form, you can even save your progress and come back to finish off your nomination at a later date.

Science Award

An award given for outstanding contributions to animal welfare science.

Young Person Award

For a person under the age of 16 who has shown exceptional kindness and dedication to animals.

Media Award

Given to a local or national journalist, broadcaster or media organisation for coverage and/or reporting that contributes to the field of animal welfare.

International Award

This award is given in recognition of service to international animal welfare.

Bravery/Rescue Award

Given to someone serving in the police force, fire department, RSPCA inspectorate or to a member of the public for rescuing an animal from danger.

Celebrity of the Year Award

Given to a high-profile animal lover for showing their caring side.

Richard Martin Founder Award

Named after one of our founders, this is are our highest award and is given to recognise individuals or organisations for their outstanding contribution to animal welfare.

Queen Victoria Gold Award

This is given in recognition for the long-standing dedication and tireless work of an RSPCA member or volunteer.

Animal Awards

  • Survivor Award - For an animal who has survived against the odds and has shown their inner strength.
  • Animal Award - Given to an animal that has cared for and shown compassion to a person and has made a difference to a life.
  • Rescue or Service Animal Award - Given to a service animal whose actions have helped in a potentially life threatening situation.
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