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Marathon Case Study


Ben Spencer gained his own place through the ballot in the London Marathon and ran in aid of the RSPCA, raising £600.  

What made you decide to run the marathon?

It’s a life achievement, has a great atmosphere and provides a good, positive experience.

Were you a runner already?

I was into football but not long-distance running. I wanted to be part of something amazing.

Why do you think people should run for the RSPCA?

RSPCA does more than other animal charities. It rescues, re-homes and provides veterinary treatment for sick or injured animals. It caters for all animals, such as wild animals, farm animals, animals used in scientific research and companion animals.

How did you fundraise?

I set up a Justgiving page, which I linked to Facebook so friends and family could donate as well as raising money at work. I used the RSPCA fundraising pack, which had lots of ideas and materials which were useful.

Do you have any insider tips?

Buy yourself a good pair of shoes! I also wore special running socks which absorbed sweat so there was less rubbing. On the day make sure you eat properly and drink lots.

What was your training program?

When I found out I had a place my daughter had just been born so I didn’t have much time to train. I did two runs between five and nine miles during the week. At the weekends I did long runs of thirteen or more miles.

Do you have any useful training tips?

I was told it is better to under-train than over-train, as training too hard can cause injury. And I didn’t run for two weeks prior to the marathon to give my legs a rest. Training with friends or other runners is good. Next time I would run in a half marathon prior to the main London Marathon, to get experience of running with lots of people.

Do you have any other advice about the London Marathon?

Enjoy it, do a bit of sightseeing! The atmosphere is indescribable and the sense of achievement immense.