Fundraising ideas

Ideas of ways to raise money for charity can be difficult to come up with. Take a look through some of ours - who knows? They could just be the key to sparking the super fundraiser in you!

My Big Walkies

Could you walk 10,000 steps a day for a whole month? Join us on My Big Walkies this October  – you can even get your dog involved! You can walk at your own pace, in your own time, and we'll help you with your fundraising.


Apply for one of our charity places to run high profile events like the Brighton or London Marathons or you can register to run for us with your own place at a run of your choice!

Great Big Picnic

Why not host an RSPCA Great Big Picnic and invite your friends and family round to enjoy the weather and have some fun.

Cake sale

The key to a great bake sale is to recruit your bakers early and ask them to bring variety to the table. You can set out your pricing from the start, or ask your buyers to donate what they feel their treat is worth. You could even raise the stakes by selecting a winner at the end, Great British Bake Off style! Or add in a competition element where people pay to guess the weight of a cake to try and win it. Take a look at our cake decorations and cases.

Give something up

We’ve all got that habit or thing that we “couldn’t live without”, so why not put it to the test? Instead of spending the money you normally would on eg. chocolate, you could donate it instead - and get people to sponsor you in your effort to give it up. Or if you'd like to actually give something away why not visit our recycling page?


Simply charge a fee for tickets and the winners get a prize. You could use unwanted presents as raffle prizes or ask your friends and local businesses if they’re willing to give you prizes. You could also take part in our raffle.


If you have a collection of interesting items that you’re willing to let go of an auction could be perfect. However if you couldn’t possibly part with your most treasured possessions you could hold a promise auction, where you can auction off your time or skills.

Charity game

Organise a charity game of your sport of choice such as football, rugby or even a tennis tournament.  Invite friends and family to take part and ask them for a donation per entry.

Quiz night

All you need is a suitable venue and then ask your guests to pay to play. Look online for example questions, or if you’re feeling creative you could write your own quiz. Make the questions as easy or difficult as you want!

Sponsored event

There are countless things that you could do and get sponsored. You could go down the extreme route and ask for sponsorship for things like skydiving. Or you could go down the slightly safer route - like a sponsored silence. The possibilities are endless!

Get all the material you need to run your cake sale of dreams in our fundraising pack now.

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