The 2.6 Challenge

Calling all Home Heroes

The 2.6 challengeJoin the rest of the nation in the 2.6 Challenge - do your bit and help save the UK's charities.

Save the UK's Charities

Many fundraising events in the UK have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst we're all hopeful many of these events will go ahead at a later date, we, along with many charities across the UK, have felt the impact.

As the Coronavirus crisis intensifies we must continue to rescue and care for animals facing shocking cruelty and neglect.

But our dedicated teams are being stretched to their limit, and the number of animals in our care is set to rise.

By taking on the 2.6 challenge, your support, big or small, could save an animal from suffering during this growing crisis.

Get involved

There are just five simple steps to take:

  1. Dream up your 2.6 challenge - if you need help there are lots of ideas at the bottom of this page
  2. Head to JustGiving to donate £26.20 - or whatever you can afford - to RSPCA (England and Wales) or to set up a fundraising page
  3. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you and challenge them to do their own 2.6 Challenge
  4. Complete your challenge
  5. Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media with @RSPCA_offical on twitter or @official_RSPCA on Instagram and #TwoPointSixChallenge

Whether you're tackling 26 different animal themed yoga poses, running or walking 2.6km in an animal onesie or playing catch the ball 26 times with your dog, we want your help to save the UK's charities.

Need some inspiration? Here are 26 ideas for your 2.6 Challenge:

  • Tackle 26 animal themed yoga poses
  • Take your dog on a 2.6km dog walk
  • 26 ball catches with your pet
  • 26 dog tricks  - Find our dog training advice
  • Run 2.6km or miles dressed as an animal
  • As many bunny hops as possible in 26 seconds
  • Ask your to dog sit on cue 26 times - Teaching your dog to sit
  • 26 laps of the garden dressed as an animal
  • Hang from a tree like a monkey for 26 seconds
  • Draw 26 animals - you could even give them to friends and family for a donation
  • 26 minute dog walk 
  • Ask your family to guess 26 animal-themed charades
  • Name a different animal for each letter of the alphabet
  • Bake 26 animal themed cupcakes
  • Read 26 pages of an animal based book or read for 2.6 hours
  • Climb the stairs 26 times 
  • Complete a Yoga or HIIT session for 26 minutes
  • Toss a pancake 26 times - you can even make them animal shaped!
  • Chip or Putt 26 balls into the hole
  • 26 keepie uppies with or without your pet
  • Juggle for 26 minutes or 2.6 minutes without stopping
  • 26 star jumps
  • Practice balloon modelling for 26 minutes - how many animals can you make?
  • Create 26 origami animals
  • Have a teddy bears picnic with 26 of your cuddly animal toys
  • Play sleeping lions for 26 minutes
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