Winners stories

Here are a few award-winning stories that show dedication, compassion and love for animals, and also how loving pets give so much too.

Ethan - Amazing Animal Award

Sally has been given a new lease of life thanks to her beloved assistance dog who helps her around the house - and even pays for her shopping. Sally has violent seizures lasting several hours and needs carers 24/7 to monitor her every move and help with everyday tasks. But thanks to assistance dog Ethan, the academic researcher is fulfilling her dreams with a new sense of freedom and independence. He really has transformed her life!


Kyra and Sophie, co-founders of Hedgehog Friendly Town -Young Person Award

The two girls, aged 13, have shown outstanding dedication and care to hedgehogs. Between them they have helped nearly 400 hedgehogs, and whilst spending all their time looking after them they have also provided talks and workshops to over 50 schools and groups. Hear more about their work and their love of these prickly but adorable creatures...

Elsa - Survivor Animal Award

Two year-old filly Elsa was discovered abandoned on a remote lane in Tyne and Wear, with wounds on her back legs so deep and severe that her muscle was exposed. The team at RSPCA Felledge Equine Centre worked around the clock for months to treat her. Elsa's road to recovery continued to be a bumpy ride. Check out Elsa's story here...

Romeo - Service Animal Award

Romeo is a lifesaving canine blood donor who has saved over 32 dogs' lives. He also enriches the lives of many people as a loving Pets as Therapy dog, visiting a stroke ward at a hospital and a dementia care home regularly. He also often visits a children's hospital ward, bringing joy and happiness to the lives of not only children who are recovering from illness but also terminally ill young children. He's truly a very special and incredible boy.

Here are the 2019 Honours winners (PDF 8KB).

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