Previous winners stories

Here are a few award-winning stories that show dedication, compassion and love for animals, and also how loving pets give so much too.

Benson is Alice's doting and caring best friend. Sadly, Alice lost her sight at the age of 15 due to a medical condition and Benson's behaviour changed. Benson has become one her greatest allies and true comfort in her life. Hear more on how Benson changed Alice's life.

Libby Cantwell with three dogs © RSPCA

Libby is a young, unstoppable fundraiser who has set herself several challenges. Her first challenge was to climb 2,900ft of the Great Gable mountain in freezing temperatures. She smashed her £1,000 target in just a couple of months. Libby went on to hike, trek, complete marathon bike rides and even organised cake sales.

In her free time, Libby volunteers at a local farm which is designed for disabled adults and children to work with animals and build their confidence.

The reason why I am trying my best to help the RSPCA is because animal cruelty upsets me so I want to help in any way I can to make sure all the abused animals have a happier, brighter life and future. I just think what greater love can you get than from your loving pet?

Libby, awarded the Young Person Award.

Flora is an Akita and the very first and currently the only one of her breed to have qualified as a working assistance dog in the UK. Flora is able to alert her loving companion Robert, to seizures that he has no prior warning of.

Michael Sharratt © RSPCA

Michael has dedicated more than 50 years to animal welfare, mainly wildlife, across England, Wales and the Bahamas. Michael help set up a badger group in Wales and has also been asked to carry out badger and fox surveys, making him the first badger expert to be classed as an 'expert witness'.

Michael has been available around the clock for many years to help the RSPCA, councils, police, vets and any other organisation that needs his help in relation to badgers or wildlife. Michael even gives advice to homeowners who feel badgers cause problems and by the end of the conversation they all want to feed and welcome the badgers instead!

I feel it is a great privilege to have been awarded an Honour by the RSPCA, but I also feel that this Honour belongs to many helpful people and brave animals in Wales

Michael, awarded the Queen Victoria Silver Award.

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