£10 could help our Animal Rescue Teams stay on the road this Christmas. Join the Christmas rescue.
RSPCA inspector holding a dog

As a sponsor you already do so much

But in these tough times could you give a little extra help to the most desperate animals?

Last Christmas, both Bella and Ben desperately needed urgent medical attention

Bella was only one year old when she was found tied to a stair lift. She had no access to food or water. No comfy bed where she could rest. She was skin and bones.

Bella wasn't alone. A second dog, Ben, was with her. Both desperately needed urgent attention to treat malnutrition and dehydration and our Animal Rescue Team rushed to save their lives.

After their ordeal, the pair came to our RSPCA animal centre in Newport where they were put on a special diet to get their health back. Here, they had a safe, warm place in our dog kennels with expert care close by, thanks to your kind sponsorship. Now, they're looking forward to a Christmas surrounded by love in their new forever home.

You already do so much for animals by being a sponsor, but if you can, please join the Christmas rescue today.

Last Christmas, Mistletoe's kittens were born in a freezing cardboard box

Mistletoe was found in a cardboard box in the undergrowth behind a fence. Curled up with her, were two tiny kittens just a few hours old with their umbilical cords still attached. Tragically, a third kitten didn't survive.

Our Animal Rescue Team raced to get veterinary care for Mistletoe and her kittens. Then the new family spent Christmas with Karen, an RSPCA foster carer. Karen made sure they had comfy beds, nourishing food and expert care.

This Christmas, Mistletoe and her kittens, now named Holly and Merry, will be loved and cared for, enjoying the cuddles they deserve in their forever homes.

Your sponsorship is invaluable for animals, but if you can, please join the Christmas rescue today.

On Christmas Day 2019 we had more than 3,500 animals in our care. Please help us this Christmas

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