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Sponsorship success story

The once-neglected dogs who love to take walks…

Belle and Benji are two very sweet little crossbreed dogs that were badly neglected by their owner. They’d been kept in the most squalid conditions and their health really suffered.

When they arrived at our Millbrook Animal Centre they were both so emaciated it was clear they’d not been fed properly for some time. Their hair was matted and they smelled terribly of urine and faeces.

Belle needed x-rays to check her joints, and dental treatment too. Benji had a nasty eye infection that needed regular medication to make better.

During their time at Millbrook they spent a lot of time with our staff, who took them out for walks all the time. They love walks! The more walks and play time they had with the centre staff the more confident they became.

Once Belle and Benji had recovered from their injuries and had gained enough confidence they were ready to be rehomed.

The great news is that both Belle and Benji have found a loving new home where they have settled in very well with their new family.

It’s lovely to be able to tell you about the happy endings that our possible thanks to the donations we receive from RSPCA supporters.

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