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Sponsorship success story

April’s story: A mother and her poorly kittens...

April and her five tiny kittens were among 20 cats rescued from an overcrowded home. When the Millbrook Animal Centre staff first saw them they were very poorly; each was underweight and incredibly dirty too. They needed a lot of treatment, care and love.

April and the kittens were suffering from diarrhoea, cat flu, worms and even ear mites – conditions that could have killed them without the correct medication and care - but gradually they were nursed them back to health by the animal centre staff.

Most of these treatments needed to be given twice a day to the kittens so it is very labour intensive to medicate. They also needed eye drops for an eye condition which needs doing 3 times a day from the staff.

The great news is that April and her kittens have fully recovered from their ordeal and have recently all found loving new homes!

It’s lovely to be able to tell you about the happy endings that our possible thanks to the donations we receive from RSPCA supporters.

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