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Day and night, our vet teams are ready to save animals' lives.

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King the lurcher after treatment

From serious road accidents to heartbreaking neglect and shocking cruelty, veterinary teams at our four hospitals see some of the worst injuries, wounds and illnesses.

King the lurcher was rushed into our Harmsworth Animal Hospital for urgent treatment.

He had severe wounds on his forelegs and chest, which we suspect were caused by being thrown from a moving vehicle.

A vet gave King painkillers before examining him and cleaning his wounds. A deep gash ran down one foreleg and a large muscle was hanging loose from his belly. It was clear to our team that King's treatment would be complicated and lengthy.

An injured animal could be rushed through our doors at any time of the night or day, so we make sure at least one member of the surgical team is in the hospital at all times, ready to operate. Our vets show dedication and skill every day, but it takes more to save animals' lives. Every bandage, painkiller, X-ray and bag of IV fluid must be paid for, but we can only meet those costs with the help of kind supporters like you.

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