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Have you ever wondered what the answers are to life's biggest questions?

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Remember a Charity in your Will Week 10 - 16 September

This Remember A Charity in your Will Week (10-16 September), we're supporting the launch of their HUMAN search engine, which is shining a spotlight on the huge impact that gifts in Wills have on charities - £2.8 billion every year - by answering life's biggest questions.

We're asking the question:

How can we create a future that's kinder to animals?

Rabbit in RSPCA care

We're celebrating the incredible generosity of our supporters who have left a gift in their Will to us - more than £77million,  which is over 55 percent of our total income, in 2017 - with answers to this question on the HUMAN search engine.

Take a look at the HUMAN search engine

It's inspiring to see how we 'humans' can make a difference to the world by enabling charities to continue their work through gifts in Wills.  It helps us to remain on the ground, day after day, rescuing and rehabilitating the animals that desperately needs us, and finding them loving homes. 

Leaving a gift in your Will to us after friends and family have been taken care of, will mean we can continue to help more animals in the future.