From injured and abandoned to fully rehabilitated

Ginger cat being held by RSPCA Animal Care Assistant © RSPCA

Gifts in Wills help us achieve so much at the RSPCA.

Take our veterinary suite at Blackberry Farm, where we treat animals who’ve been injured, harmed or neglected. It’s staffed by a dedicated veterinary team, and equipped with the latest facilities – thanks in no small part to the generosity of supporters who’ve left us gifts in their Wills.

But it’s the animals who are treated there that really tell the story of how important these gifts – however big or small – are to our work.

Tiddles the cat is just one of the many animals who’ve been treated there, after he was left abandoned in a litter tray outside the Blackberry Farm gates. He’d clearly suffered horrific injuries including a badly broken leg and a dangerously infected wound. He was also extremely dehydrated and anaemic.

Thanks to the wonderful facilities at Blackberry Farm, Tiddles received exceptional care to nurse him back to health, without having to travel elsewhere for surgery and treatment.

Tiddles received vaccinations, flea treatment and x-rays, which confirmed a broken leg. Sadly, this break was so severe that the leg had to be amputated, but following this procedure, our veterinary team were able to give him the very best post-operative care.

We’re happy to say that Tiddles has now made a remarkable recovery and is happy in his new home.

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