Their skin was thick with infection and wounds

One of the dogs being treated at Harmsworth for demodex mites. Recovering slowly.

Dumped on a doorstep in London the three dogs were hungry, covered in diarrhoea and in extreme discomfort due to an aggressive skin infection.

We suspect they may have come from an illegal puppy farm.

Help fund their vital hospital care

The three little dogs are receiving weekly baths with two different medications. One is shampoo to minimise the bacterial and yeast infections and the other is a chemical bath to help clear the aggressive mites.

They are receiving round-the-clock care at our Harmsworth Animal Hospital, where they will remain for the months it will take them to recover.

Vets have estimated they will need £2,250 to treat and nurse them back to full health.

So far we have received  £1,059.

Our appeal for these poor girls

One of the abandoned dogs being treated at Harmsworth for demodex mites. Hair growing back nicely.

The three poor girls have obviously suffered for a long time - when they came in their skin was thick with infection with only a few tufts of hair left.

Thankfully due to the ongoing treatment they’re receiving their hair is slowly coming back.

Unfortunately one of the dogs recently developed a secondary infection and a high temperature due to her lowered immunity. This worried the vets treating her and shows just how essential it is that they continue to receive intensive hospital care.  

Can you help us get these girls back to full health?

We promise to keep you updated on these poor girls’ progress

Any surplus funds will be used to rescue and treat other animals in need.


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