Thousands of primates are being confined in UK homes

Socially isolated and with inadequate stimulation, many primates, such as marmosets, capuchins and squirrel monkeys are being kept as pets, destined for a life of suffering in an unnatural environment.

Charlie’s story

Charlie in his new home at Monkey World

Charlie, a three year old squirrel monkey, was discovered confined in a bird cage in a cold, dark office on an industrial estate. His cage was filthy and covered in dried faeces and urine.

Poor Charlie was underweight, starved of appropriate company and was showing signs of suffering from urine burns to the skin. And, although squirrel monkeys are forest dwelling animals, he had no where to hide from the confrontation of people or the loud noises that surrounded him everyday.

No more primates should suffer this fate.

With your help we can rescue and rehabilitate primates and help find them suitable homes in specialist sanctuaries. Please, donate today and help rescue and rehabilitate animals from suffering.