RSPCA Frontline Fund

We need you on the frontline of saving animals’ lives

When an abandoned animal is rushed in with severe injuries, the highly-trained team at one of our hospitals is often their last and only hope. These teams save thousands of animals’ lives every year. But this is only possible with the help of the generous donations we receive from people like you.

Please will you support our Frontline Fund and together we can save more animals’ lives.

Graphic of a person with cats and dogs

Last year, our hospitals dealt with 70,992 animal visits


Will you help keep our hospitals open 24/7?

From catastrophic traffic accidents to appalling cruelty – emergencies happen at any time, day or night. When they do, every second counts. That’s why it's imperative that our vets can be on hand to treat animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We need your help to continue to make that possible.

Vet checking on dog © RSPCA

“When an animal is injured in the middle of the night, our hospital is often the only place they can get the urgent help they need. That’s why it’s so important that we’re open 24/7.”

- Laura, RSPCA Vet


You could help to fund life saving surgical equipment

Our hospitals rely on specialised surgical equipment to give every animal the best possible chance of survival. By helping to fund this vital equipment, you could save the lives of hundreds of animals every year.

£650 – Drip pump

Drip pump © RSPCA

Animals in our hospitals often require fluids, for emergency rehydration or to deliver pain relief.

A drip pump is the most accurate way to administer these treatments, giving each animal the best chance of survival.

£1,000 – Anaesthetic machine

Anaesthetic machine © RSPCA

Without anaesthetic machines, we simply cannot operate. They're a vital part of every surgery, ensuring the animal remains unconscious and pain-free.

The more anaesthetic machines we have, the more animals’ lives we can save.

£20,000  – Ultrasound

Ultrasound machine © RSPCA

When every second counts, ultrasound machines allow our vets to make rapid diagnoses.

This means they can operate quickly to save an animal’s life before it’s too late.


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Cat being treated © RSPCA

“Everything in this hospital is here because of the generosity of RSPCA supporters. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be here. They fund everything we do.”

- Michael, RSPCA Vet


Your generosity could help our dedicated frontline teams save animals' lives

Each of our hospitals is staffed by a highly-trained team of people who have devoted their lives to saving animals’ lives. From the animal care assistants who ensure every animal is well looked after to the veterinary surgeons who work round the clock to perform life saving surgery, they all epitomise everything we stand for.

It’s only because of their tireless dedication that so many animals are still alive today. Will you support the Frontline Fund and stand behind our outstanding staff?

Graphic of a cat on a table with vets

Last year, staff at our hospitals performed 4,006 operations on animals in desperate need.