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You could help save the life of an animal like El, before it's too late

Just one year on, El is now the perfect picture of health - all thanks to a little festive goodwill.

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At ten-weeks-old, El was dumped in the woods just a few days before Christmas - with only a thin plastic shopping bag for shelter. She was weak with hunger and completely bald from an untreated skin condition. Because she was so badly neglected, there is no way she could have survived the violent snowstorm that hit hours later.

Thankfully El was found in time - and today, she's totally unrecognisable from the sickly puppy who came so close to dying.

But sadly, shocking stories of neglect like El's will be repeated many times over this winter - and last year alone we investigated a shocking 9,725 calls over the Christmas period.* Right now, we're working round the clock to save thousands of abandoned, abused and neglected animals, which is why we urgently need your help.

Will you send a gift of £10 today and help provide the vital care animals like El so desperately need?

By supporting us today, you could help pay for the warm blankets, food and vital medical treatment needed to care for more cruelly-treated animals like El.

Will you send a vital Christmas gift today and help save an animal like El?

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El with no fur after being rescued © RSPCA

which could help give a warm blanket to a scared and shivering puppy.

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Four kittens in a cat pod © RSPCA

which could help give starving kittens filling, nourishing meals.

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Dog recovering after surgery © RSPCA

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Animal Care Assistant with two horses © RSPCA

which could provide safety and shelter to horses who have only known cruelty.

*The Christmas period refers to 1-31 December.