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Penny was found collapsed by a rubbish heap

Last year, we received a staggering 50 percent increase in calls about animal abandonment compared to winter, with an average of nine animals reported every single hour.

One of these animals was Penny. She was found collapsed by a rubbish heap on a blisteringly hot day in June. When we got to her, she was suffering from severe dehydration and hyperthermia, so weak she could barely lift her head.

Had we arrived only a few hours later, she might not have survived.

Clover suffered horrific cruelty

We found clover with her mouth taped shut, the gaffer tape couldn’t have been put on any tighter. She couldn't drink, she could hardly breathe.

Clover was in so much pain she had to be given a general anaesthetic to remove the tape. No one knew if she'd survive, but after weeks of round the clock care she finally started to recover.

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Help rescue more animals like Clover

We urgently need your help now to protect thousands more animals from needless suffering.

We receive a phone call to our cruelty line every 28 seconds. But we need you to carry out our work, to rescue and collect animals just like Clover.

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