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Help rescue hundreds of neglected, starved, beaten and abused animals. Today we will answer around 3,000 calls about animal welfare, cruelty and neglect. Today we will need to take over 240 animals into our care. Today we urgently need your help to save them.

Every minute of every day animals are suffering heart breaking crutley and neglect every day, and our team works tirelessly to save them.

Please donate online to help us do even more
; answer more calls, rescue more inocent animals and provide more life saving treatments.


Right now, as you're reading this, we're rescuing and caring for thousands of animals across England and Wales. In our cities, towns and villages, RSPCA inspectors and officers are rushing to the aid of cats, dogs and horses in danger.

When our phone next rings, we don't know what situation we will find and animal in - but we know we need to be ready to respond, 24/7.

Today, your gift can help ensure we're there for them all, 24/7 -
please donate now.

Biggest Animal Rescue

We need your help.

Before the Animal Welfare Act came into force, RSPCA inspectors needed proof that an animal was suffering before taking action. But now we are stepping in and preventing this suffering. The result? Over a staggering 7,000 convictions for animal cruelty secured over the last three years alone.

We are working harder than ever to protect animals in danger from neglect and abuse. If you care about protecting animals, please donate now.

Suffering animals really are depending on your generosity. Having fought so hard to change the law, please don’t let them down.

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