£30 could help towards rehabilitating a beaten animal
Benjy just after being rescued

Every hour this summer, an animal like Benjy or Max will be deliberately hurt. We need your urgent help to rescue them now

Benjy survived being shot multiple times in the head by his owner. Without urgent rescue, other animals suffering cruelty right now will not be so lucky

Benjy was barely more than a year old when his owner raised his rifle, took aim and fired into his own dog at close range. Some of the rifle pellets pierced Benjy's skull and lodged in his head. Another struck him in the neck. Any one of the bullets could have cost poor Benjy his life.

It was five days before a kind stranger came across Benjy and brought him to safety. We know that's how long he suffered because of the fly larvae that had started to develop on his fur. Barely more than a puppy, he was just dumped like rubbish and left to die. Miraculously, Benjy survived long enough for an RSPCA Animal Rescue Team to get him to a vet for specialist treatment and emergency surgery.

There's no doubt that his attacker's terrible cruelty changed Benjy's life forever. Thankfully, Benjy made a fantastic recovery after surgery and now has a forever happy home with other dogs to play with. It's thanks to RSPCA supporters like you, that he has been given a second chance in life.

Right now, animals like Max are suffering horrific cruelty, by sending a gift today you can help save their lives.

A little terrier-type dog, Max was viciously beaten. His only crime? Being owned by someone who had no qualms about taking his rage out on an innocent animal. 

The beating was so bad that a member of the public called our Animal Rescue Line. An RSPCA Animal Rescue Team rushed to the scene. What they saw when they entered the house was shocking. Blood was spattered all over the floor and on various objects strewn about the place - including a metal colander. And there, terrified and struggling to move was Max - his white fur caked in dried blood.

Max was rushed to the vet and the full extent of his terrible injuries became apparent. He had a fractured tooth, a gash on his head, multiple painful bruises and a dislocated hip. Small circular wounds were also found on Max's body - the pattern of holes was from the metal colander that was used to beat him.

Today, Max's life looks very different. After months of dedicated veterinary care and the kindness he needed to overcome his understandable fear of people, Max has found his new forever home with people who love him. But at the height of summer, on average an animal is beaten every hour. For every animal like Max who is now safe from harm, there is another animal suffering cruelty right now. You could help transform their life by sending a gift today.

Last summer there were more than 2,050 reports of intentional harm towards dogs - please help

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