£30 could help towards rehabilitating a beaten animal
Max the dog after being rescued

Every hour this summer, an animal like Max gets cruelly beaten. We need your urgent help to rescue them now

With enough people on our side, we can cancel out cruelty

Animal cruelty happens on a horrific scale in England and Wales. At any given time, hundreds of animals are living in fear of violence and brutality - terrified of the very people who should be looking after them. But it is in the summer that animal cruelty is at its absolute worst.

Right now, as we enter the height of summer, incidents of people being deliberately cruel to animals are reaching their devastating yearly peak.

In 2020, we had just over 32 reports of intentional harm every day - rising to 38 a day during the summer months.

During the summer we receive more calls to our Animal Rescue Line than at any other time of the year. When you see the number of calls received on a localised scale, the numbers are truly shocking.

With your support, we can work together to cancel out cruelty

Source: June to August 2020. Total number of incidents includes 165 unknown locations

The facts:

We've received more than 93,000 reports of deliberate cruelty in five years

Summer 2020* there were just over eight reports of people killing or attempting to kill animals every day

*June - August 2020

These numbers are shocking, but if you take action now, together we will overcome animal cruelty

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