An extra £10 could provide even more toys for animals to learn to trust people again
Dog playing outside wit ha ball

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As temperatures rise, so does cruelty to animals

Last summer, we received 2,552 reports of cruelty to dogs and cats, between June and August. Help us to cancel out cruelty

An extra gift could help animals just like Barney to recover from cruelty

Our rescue team found Barney curled up on a doorstep after someone reported seeing the painfully thin dog leap from a kitchen window. His ribs, hips and spine were clearly visible, and he had fleas.

When Barney arrived at RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre, he was very subdued. We gave him the love and care he needed to slowly recover from malnutrition and get his bounce back.

Barney gradually gained weight - and confidence. We used treats and toys to bring him out of his shell and he learned to use a harness and lead so he could go for walks. Now Barney's bright, bouncy personality shines out and he has a happy new life by the sea with a loving family.

As an RSPCA Sponsor we're so grateful for the fantastic support you give each month, so please join us this summer by giving an extra gift.

With your continued support, we can work together to cancel out cruelty

Animals just like Ollie really need an extra gift this summer

When we first saw Ollie, we were very concerned. A severe and untreated flea infestation had left him almost completely bald, with only a few tufts of fur around his face, back and tail. His skin was badly infected, hot to the touch and covered in scabs.

Our team at RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre gave Ollie all the expert care he needed but some weeks later the stress of his skin condition meant he suddently went downhill and would have died without further urgent treatment.

We patiently helped Ollie to heal fully and used treats, toys, love and attention to coax him out of his shell. Now, Ollie is a happy, cheeky, affectionate cat with a new family to love him.

As an RSPCA Sponsor we're so grateful for the fantastic support you give each month, so please join us this summer by giving an extra gift.

Help cancel out cruelty with an extra gift today, thank you

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More than 80 percent of your donation will go to rescuing and rehoming or releasing vulnerable animals. This means abandoned dogs and cats will be cared for, or an injured fox can get a much needed check-up. Most importantly, it ensures that the voice of all animals can be heard.
From bats to badgers and seals to sparrows, we help animals great and small. Each year, we rescue more than 100,000 of them. Without the funds gained through our marketing, we would not be able to finance our crucial work.
Your 1p will support our board members as they create campaigns and push for governance change. At home or abroad, our prevention campaigns are essential for improving the safety and happiness of animals.

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