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Will you help make these rescues possible for suffering animals like Bernie and Marty?

Three years. Over 1,000 days, trapped in a tiny kennel

That's how long Romanian shepherd, Bernie, spent trapped in a kennel so small he could barely lie down. All around him other animals were enduring horrifying conditions - many crammed 15 to a kennel. Some of them were seriously ill.

The smell was overpowering. Dogs were piled on top of each other. In among all this was Bernie. He was in a tiny kennel on his own in almost total darkness - a huge Romanian shepherd crammed into a space barely big enough to hold a terrier. His fur was completely overgrown, like he had never had a day of care in his life. We later found out that he had only been taken out of his cage to be groomed three times in three years.

After all that time trapped, Bernie was extremely distressed. Our vet had to sedate him, but it still took six of us to carry him to safety. Bernie was just one of many animals rescued that day.

Bernie has now made a full recovery thanks to the loving and dedicated care of the RSPCA animal care teams. It just goes to show what you can make happen when you help fund an extraordinary rescue.

Marty was one of 40 dogs found at an illegal backyard puppy farm

Disease was rife. Some animals had severe dental disease, others could barely see due to raw and weeping eye infections. Some had even had their tails heartlessly cut off and in among it all was Marty. Less than a year old. Fragile. And shaking with fear.

Our animal rescue team were able to remove Marty and the other animals from that terrible place and take them into our care. It turned out that Marty had been used as a stud dog - forced to sire puppies for his owner to sell for profit. He was less than 12 months old, still a puppy himself. His entire life had been spent in the most disgusting and inhumane conditions imaginable. After everything Marty had suffered because of the actions of people, its no wonder he was terrified.

Following his rescue, Marty has been adopted and is now in his forever home. At first, he was a bag of nerves. He would freeze in fear and bark whenever someone came close. But over time, with kindness and patience, Marty has begun to overcome his trauma. He's grown in confidence and his real self is shining through: playful and friendly. A little dog who just wanted to love and be loved.

It just goes to show what you can make happen when you help fund an extraordinary rescue.

Rescuing animals from dire situations takes courage, dedication and supporters just like you, so please help today by giving what you can

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