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Abused and abandoned animals need you to change their lives

Dotty can now walk pain free for the first time in her life thanks to the generous donations from our kind supporters. But there are thousands more animals like her still in desperate need of help.

Dotty's story

Dotty the dog getting a belly rubDotty was taken to RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital by Inspector Lauren Evans as she was unable to walk properly and needed urgent care. Sadly, Dotty was born with a deformity of her back legs which worsened over time without the right treatment and caused her significant pain.

After one month of care, the Animal Hospital carried out intensive surgery on one of Dotty's back legs and she went into foster care with RSPCA Nurse, Sarah Piggott. She then underwent more surgery at the Hospital, who also provided her with check ups, x-rays and hydrotherapy. Thanks to this tireless work, Dotty is now able to walk comfortably for the first time in her life. 

After such a terrible start in life, Dotty is now enjoying a life full of happy moments in her forever home. But Dotty is not alone. Every year we rescue more than 100,000 animals and give them a second chance in life but we can only carry out this lifesaving work with the support and generosity of animal lovers like you. 

Will you help make more happy moments by donating today and allow us to be there for the next animal that needs us?

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