Call on the Welsh Government for #SaferSanctuaries

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Dear Lesley Griffiths AM, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs,

I'm really proud that as a nation we are passionate about animal welfare and that we so often lead the way in the UK on improving animal welfare. There are around 90 so-called sanctuaries that operate in Wales, many of which will have been set up by deeply caring and committed people. However if the worst were to happen to them, what rules are there to keep the animals safe?

I understand that following RSPCA Cymru's 2015 campaign the Animal Welfare Network for Wales has drawn up guidance for sanctuaries on how to ensure the welfare of animals in sanctuaries. This should be law too.

Could I ask you to make sure that that any new rules cover all sanctuaries - good and not so good? This is really important to ensure that animals that are already vulnerable are kept safe, come what may.

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