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Animal offender register for Wales

We work everyday to prevent cruelty happening to animals

Sadly, despite the laws we've helped to put into place, cruelty to animals still goes on.

Those convicted of some of the worst cases of animal cruelty are often banned from keeping animals for life. However, there’s currently no way of pet shops, rehoming centres or others who are helping animals find loving forever homes to know who has been convicted of animal cruelty in the past.

Help us protect animals from cruelty by calling for an animal offender register in Wales so that a ban really does mean a ban.

Sign the petition today

A YouGov Poll for RSPCA Cymru found that 88 percent of people support the introduction of a register for those previously prosecuted for animal cruelty. Will you sign the petition calling for an animal welfare offences offender register today?

I agree Wales needs a register of animal welfare offenders to help protect animals from those banned from keeping animals.


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