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End long distance live transport!

Every year millions of farm animals including calves and sheep are transported all over Europe for further fattening and slaughter. Many suffer from stress, exhaustion, thirst and rough handling.

The port of Ramsgate is the main ferry port to facilitate this trade from the UK, yet they lack appropriate facilities or inspections. Animals are often crammed into trucks on roads for hours before being loaded onto an unsuitable ferry originally built as a river tank carrier. Animals as young as two weeks old may be forced to endure this gruelling journey, before heading for conditions illegal in this country.

Across the EU animals such as chickens, cattle, pigs, horses and goats are also transported long distances for slaughter, journey’s sometimes lasting days. Urgent action is needed to ensure EU regulations protect the welfare of these billions of farm animals.

Join our campaign to end this vile trade.

We want to see:

  • An end to long-distance transport of live animals in favour of a ‘carcass-only’ trade
  • A maximum eight-hour journey time for all animals travelling for slaughter or 'further fattening' across the EU
  • Amendments to existing legislation that allow ports to refuse the cruel trade in live animals 
  • While the trade continues, that there is full adherence to current laws and enforcement agencies effectively minimise the suffering of the animals.

What we're doing

Pig in a transport lorry © Jack Tummers

We’re part of the Europe wide coalition ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ which is calling for an end to long distance transport. Our Stop the Trucks campaign is demanding that EU Transport laws are updated to provide greater protection for animals being transported for slaughter and to ensure no animals endure long journeys which are cruel and unnecessary.

What can you do?

Join us in our campaign to help billions of farm animals across the EU, we can't allow any more animals to suffer this way. Take action now to Stop the Trucks!

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