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Take action - Save the Hunting Act

In June 2015, the Government announced a vote on the wrecking amendments to the Hunting Act, which would make the law extremely difficult to enforce. After public outcry at this move, the vote was eventually postponed.

However, this latest attack on the Hunting Act will not be the last.

The amendment was tabled under the guise of ‘pest control’ but the real reason was clear, and in the Prime Minister's own words:

I have always been a strong supporter of country sports. It is my firm belief that people should have the freedom to hunt.

In just four days, over 140,000 RSPCA supporters emailed their MPs urging them to stand up for animals, this demonstrates the overwhelming weight of public opinion against the suffering caused by hunting with dogs.

Take action today

We believe that in its determination to see bloodsports return to our countryside, and despite the will of the public to keep cruelty history, the pro-hunt faction of the Government will continue to relentlessly pursue repeal or amendment to the Hunting Act.

Write to your MP and tell them how strongly you feel about Hunting with Dogs, asking if you can count on their support should further attempts be made to weaken the Hunting Act.