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Shopping basket with Freedom Food product ©RSPCA PhotolibraryWe would like to see compulsory labelling on all animal produce and ingredients in the EU so you know how the food you eat has been produced.

For us this means:

  • Simple, clear labels stating the chief characteristic of the production method (i.e. how the animals are kept).
  • Highly visible.
  • Compulsory:  voluntary labelling schemes are not enough. If labelling is voluntary, it is likely that only products farmed to higher standards of animal welfare will be labelled.  Compulsory labelling will also ensure that intensively reared meat is identified as such.
  • Labelling on imported produce to the UK.
  • Integrity protected with outcome safeguards: this means outcome-based welfare assessments of farm animals should be used to ensure that rearing systems associated with higher welfare are indeed delivering good welfare. 

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