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Chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and fish. These are just some of the hundreds of millions of animals farmed for food in the UK each year. But how do we know how these animals have lived?


Labelling Matters

Chickens farmed for meat can be kept in barren windowless sheds and be bred to grow at such a fast rate that they can suffer from painful lameness and organ failure. Yet how would a shopper know whether the chicken they are buying is from such a farming system?

We believe that consumers should no longer be kept in the dark and are calling for clear and compulsory method of production labelling on all animal products.

The European Commission is currently reviewing poultrymeat labelling across the EU. This is an opportunity to introduce welfare labelling on chicken meat e.g. 'Indoor intensive', 'Indoor extensive', 'Free-range' and 'Organic'.

If you believe that labelling matters, email the Defra Minister today:



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