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Labelling Matters

Campaign for better food labelling

Hundreds of millions of animals are farms for food in the UK. With more of us interested in where our food comes from than ever before, manufacturers and supermarkets are increasingly exploiting our interest in animal welfare to sell their products. 

Food labels are an important way of ensuring consumers can make informed choices about what they eat
and compulsory labelling can also help to raise standards of farm animal welfare – eggs are a great example of this.

We believe people should know how the food they eat has been produced and that’s why we are demanding action for better labelling.

Take action today!

How do I know how a farm animal lived?

We want all animal products to include compulsory method of production labelling e.g. indoor intensive chicken, as this gives consumers the information they most want to know: how was this animal kept? Watch our animation to find out about some of the welfare issues for pigs, meat chickens and laying hens and what labels you can look for when out shopping.

Get involved

Clear and honest labelling would allow you to make an informed choice about the food you buy. Join our call for method of production labelling for meat and dairy products.

Email the Farm Animal Welfare Minister today.

Working in partnership

Labelling Matters is a partnership project of Compassion in World Farming, Soil Association, Eurogroup for Animals and us.

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