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Meet the victims


Crumpet at vets © RSPCA

Crumpet, a cockapoo puppy was bought by her new owner Kimberley, but just two weeks after she came home, Crumpet died.

Kimberley responded to an advert and spoke to a pleasant man before arranging to pick up Crumpet. The house was a typical semi-detached family home and the people seemed to really care about dogs. But even on the journey home Crumpet began retching and Kimberly noticed that he had scabs all over his body.

A few days later, she became worried as Crumpet deteriorated and rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with deadly and highly contagious parvovirus.

Unbeknownst to Kimberly, she had bought Crumpet from a notorious puppy dealer who was being investigated by us and police for illegally importing and selling sick and dying puppies. She said:

This experience has massively affected my family, especially my six year old daughter who loved Crumpet so much.

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