One billion chickens are slaughtered for food each year in the UK.

The vast majority suffer from intense farming.

Most people still choose to eat meat and forecasts show chicken sales will rise rapidly over the next few years. Make life better for animals now by asking the food industry to adopt better farming practices.

What fast growning chickens experience

Genetically made to grow unnaturally fast and monstrously large, many chickens suffer from:

  • heart attacks from fast growth
  • chronic leg problems from struggling to carry their own weight
  • painful amonia burns to their breasts and legs from sitting in their own filth
  • poor health from being kept in campt sheds
  • unable to do things natural to them like explore and flap their wings.
Let's go!

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What we're doing now for meat chickens

Our chicken campaign has already made an impact in supermarkets thanks to our dedicated supporters, but we still need to do more.

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