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Bovine TB in Wales

The Welsh Government has announced plans to look at a refreshed way to tackle Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle.

We support the Welsh Government’s cattle-based approach but have concerns that they may be considering adopting a trap / vaccinate / remove (TVR) management plan for badgers, such as that being trialled in Northern Ireland.

The TVR method requires that some badgers be killed and risks unnecessarily culling healthy badgers that may be TB-free. We have made our views clear to the Welsh Government.  If you also agree that we need a science-based approach to tackling TB, sign our petition now.

We, the undersigned;

  • Are concerned about the ability of any test used to accurately identify a TB-free badger in the field.
  • Welcome the Welsh Government ruling out an England-style badger cull.
  • Applaud the Welsh Government with the success it has had with focusing on cattle based measures in reducing levels of bTB.


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