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We've teamed up with jigsaw puzzle giants Gibsons to help continue its work picking up the pieces of animal cruelty.

Gibsons have launched a range of jigsaw puzzle sets that feature animals who've been in our care and have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed.

The puzzles range from 250 to 1000 pieces and are presented in a variety of packaging, the two 500 piece puzzles are presented in nifty, cube-shaped gift boxes whilst the 250 piece puzzles come in pet-treat shaped pouches - making them the ultimate pick-up gift for animal lovers!

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Dog jigsaw puzzle © RSPCA

Oliver's story - Oliver the spaniel who features on one of the puzzles was brought into the RSPCA suffering from an untreated skin condition called mange which meant he had lost most of his fur.

When he first arrived it was difficult to identify Oliver's breed but after several long medicated baths and careful veterinary treatment, Oliver's spaniel roots finally shone through.

From coming into the centre looking quite sorry for himself to finding a lovely new home - Oliver's life is now back on track. He has even taken a shine to his new family's rescue cat Charlie.

Bugsley's story - Tiny kitten Bugsley features on another favourite puzzle. He was rescued by the RSPCA and taken to the Millbrook Animal Centre.

When he was found by an inspector he was extremely hungry, scared and in need of lots of love. With the help of the dedicated staff who provided round the clock care, Bugsley recovered and has found a loving new family.

Now people can piece his story together and learn how he is now starting to discover the world around him.

All creature great and small jigsaw © RSPCA

All Creatures Great and Small features animals like Inca, the cuddly pup rescued from a puppy farm and Stig, the adorable kitten found on a rubbish dump. They found their loving forever homes thanks to the work of the RSPCA's inspectors, while Duncan the cheeky donkey and Sunny the playful miniature pony are able to frolic in the fields under the care of the RSPCA's animal centres until they find their new homes.

Also available through the shop online is Curly Tails, Two's Company and Puppy Love.

RSPCA was the perfect brand for us as their rich British heritage and charitable efforts coincide with our company values. We launched six jigsaws in 2017, all of which feature the animals who have been rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed thanks to the RSPCA's care and attention. Each puzzle is made from 100 percent recycled board and tells a unique story about the animals that has been cared for.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the RSPCA and are glad have contributed to raising the vital funds that help the charity prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of all animals.

Samantha Goodburn, Marketing and PR Manager, Gibsons

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