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Motorola produced a range of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi pet monitoring cameras which allow owners to check on their pets when they aren't able to be with them.

The product was designed to work in conjunction with responsible pet ownership and assist owners with the monitoring and welfare of their pet whilst they are away from the home.

Motorola pet monitor inside with cat © RSPCA

Owners can access and control the camera remotely via a free, secure App for computers, tablets or smartphones. They can also watch live, record videos and take snapshots with remote pan, tilt and digital zoom functions. Infrared night vision feature and two-way radio communication means owners can also give reassurance to their pets.

Where to buy

Scout cameras can be found on the RSPCA Shop Online.

Motorola pet monitor outside

"The RSPCA are pleased to have worked with such a well known brand as Motorola. The pet monitoring cameras allow responsible pet owners to stay in touch with their pet when they leave them at home for short periods of time."

Ellen Camillin, licensing manager, RSPCA

"The SCOUT camera range is a great way to stay connected with your pet. You could be in the next room or out for a quick bite to eat, this system allows you to keep an eye on them wherever you go. The camera even has a built in intercom that also allows you to speak to your furry or feathered friend."

Jordan Riggs, president of Binatone North America.

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