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Liforme zodiac animal yoga mats © Liforme

We're excited to announce our partnership with Liforme, the London-based makers of the truly revolutionary, eco-friendly and ethical Liforme Yoga Mats which are loved by Yogi's all over the world.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Liforme have created their new Special Edition Zodiac Animal Yoga Mats. Liforme have recently added a brand new 'Year of the Pig' Yoga Mat for 2019 to the Zodiac Animals range which includes the 2018 'Year of the Dog' Yoga Mat. Five percent of all sales of these mats will be donated to support our work.

Woman doing yoga on a Liforme yoga mat

Liforme are a company with boundless ambition who fundamentally believe that they can change the world through business.

Through challenging the norm and pushing boundaries, they're on a mission to make better products that are truly environmentally conscious, with a supply chain and business practices that are genuinely ethical and socially just.

As Yogis trying to live in and support Ahimsa (the Yogic value of non-violence), the good people at Liforme also want to do their bit to help create a world in which all humans treat all living beings with kindness and respect.

What Liforme say

Liforme Year of the pig yoga mat © Liforme

"We're really happy to be able to support the RSPCA’s hugely important work to protect animals around the world, and indeed to be a part of the broader global movement to promote better treatment and protection of the many animals with whom we share this planet.

And, of course, we believe that people in the global Yoga community are particularly conscious of how important the issues around animal welfare are.  In line with the important Yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-violence), we as Yogis of course must respect and encourage others to respect all living beings and animals of all kinds.

With these special edition Yoga mats, we intend to raise awareness and funds to help combat the many issues affecting dogs, pigs and other animals around the World. We are donating five percent from every sale of Liforme Zodiac Animal Yoga Mats from to the RSPCA to prevent cruelty, promote kindness, and help alleviate the suffering of all animals, everywhere"

Get your Liforme Yoga mat today and help support animal welfare.

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