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PitPat logo © PitPat

PitPat is on a mission to ensure the health and happiness of all dogs.

The company was founded by four dog-loving techies who recognised an opportunity to change the face of traditional pet care through technology.

They created PitPat, the dog activity monitor – a lightweight, waterproof device that fits on any collar and has up to a year's battery life.

PitPat device on a dog with RSPCA collar © RSPCA

The PitPat connects to a free smartphone app that gives each dog an estimated exercise goal based on their age, weight and breed. The app syncs with the device to tell the owner how much walking, running, resting and playing the dog has done and lets them know if they’ve hit their daily exercise goal.

Helping dogs and owners get healthier and spend more time together

We're supporting the launch of PitPat’s Movement For More play campaign - reminding dog owners just how great, and important, it is to play with your pet.

Order your PitPat online and £2 from every sale will go towards helping us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and other animals in need.


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