How to adopt a rescue cat or kitten

We rescue over 30,000 cats every year. This handy guide will run you through the process of adopting a cat or kitten, in five simple steps.

There are so many adorable cats available for adoption in our centres, each of them with a unique story and a personality ready-made! 

The RSPCA were fantastic and really helpful throughout the adoption process. We were pleased to discover that Spike had already been microchipped, had his initial vaccinations and a month’s free pet insurance when we adopted him!

He’s such a big personality. We love him to bits and can’t imagine life without him.

 - Georgia Hardy

Step 1: Search for cats available for adoption.

Kitten at Southall Cattery

Head on over to our find a pet service. Here you can filter your search by location, age, gender and breed as well as whether they are an ‘indoor or outdoor’ cat and whether they can live with other animals or children.

Step 2: Complete an application form

Once you’ve found your perfect furry friend, download an application form and take it to the relevant centre or branch who will let you know whether you’re a match. Fingers crossed!

Cat from Southall

Step 3: Visit your cat at the centre

Arrange a visit to the centre to meet your chosen cat for the very first time!

Bring the whole family so they can meet the potential new addition to your home and you can rule out any allergies.

Find your local rescue centre

Step 4: Arrange a home visit

The centre will then arrange a home visit so that they can give you tips on things to think about before your rescue cat comes home. 

They can advise on environment, food and toys, and give any tips you may need on keeping your cat safe and happy.

For example, as well as a comfortable bed, your cat will also need a snug hiding place for when they want to get away from the world - especially while they are settling in.

Step 5: Collect your new cat!

Mrs Kitty by Joanne Iredale

When everyone is happy that your chosen cat or kitten is the right one for you, and that your home is suitable and ready for it's newest addition, it's time to head back to the centre to have your new family member officially signed over!

Your centre should give you a blanket or other item from your cat’s pod which will help them feel at ease whilst travelling to their new home.

Download our cat adoption booklet (PDF 2.30MB) for lots of useful information to help your new cat get settled in.

Why rehome from us?

Though there are many places you can find cats or kittens for sale, we recommend giving a rescue cat or kitten the chance of the happy life they so deserve.

Ongoing support

We've got lots of great advice on caring for your new cat, including providing a safe environment, looking after a kitten and understanding cat behaviour. Take a look around and see what you can learn today.

Caring for cats

Your local branch or centre will also be on-hand with tips to help your new pet settle in.

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