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 This handsome devil is 1 year old Zippy, he came into our care due of a change in his owners circumstances. Zippy has developed an allergy to certain foods which presents its self as hair loss and scabs on his face and ears. We have found Wainwrights food has settled Zippys skin, therefore he would need to continue this diet into his new home.

Zippy has become a little protective over his bedroom and has occasionally swiped at staff members. However out of the bedroom he is a completely different cat, he loves nothing more than a tickle on his head, running over to staff and volunteers for some attention. He can easily be handled, he doesn’t mind being picked up and he was the perfect patient when we were rehabilitating him due to his skin condition.

Zippy is full of energy, we regularly let him out of his pod to run around the cattery to try and burn him out. He runs around playfully tormenting all of the other cats stopping to bat toys around and playing with his favourite toy, a feather chaser. If he isn’t playing with his chaser he will be carrying around his elephant teddy bear in his mouth or wrestling with it!

Zippy is quite a livewire so he would be better suited to a household with older children. Zippy has previously lived with cats so could possibly live with another laid back cat, or a friendly dog that is used to living with cats. Zippy would also need a safe outdoor space to burn up all his energy when he is ready.

Why I'm special

Zippy is one of our longer stay cats, due to his skin condition which was found to be an allergy to certain food, he has been in longer than he deserves as he needed veterinary treatment to get him back to his usual self. He is very lively and has a lot of energy, so being cooped up in our cattery is obviously very frustrating for him. He would love nothing more than a house to run around and to explore the great outdoors again!

My personality

  • I may be able to live with another cat
  • I need to be able to go outside and explore
  • I could live with children of secondary school age
  • I'm full of energy and love to play
  • I may be able to live with a friendly dog

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)

Contact the centre or branch about me:

Rochdale Animal Centre

1 Redcross Street
OL12 0NZ

01706 861897

11.30am-3.30pm every day except Wed (closed)

Rochdale animal centre cannot accept animals from the public.

This establishment is run by RSPCA Rochdale & District Branch

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)
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