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Please note that we prefer to rehome in and around the West Midlands. If you are interested in Sam please make initial contact via our Adoption Enquiry form. Thank You

Sam needs an extra special home and experienced owners.

We know very little about Sam, one of our fosterers responded to a call where some people had found him cowering in their shed. They were concerned as they had 2 dogs so did not want to let them into the garden whilst Sam was there.

We scanned for a micochip but sadly their wasnt one. We didnt really have any space but he was quite literally freezing cold and frozen with fear in the shed so our vounteer bought him home whilst we tried to find room for him. Although he was frightened he soon seemed to relax a little bit when he was indoors and we were able to stroke him. He sadly wasn't neutered so we had to move him into an outdoor pen. When we tried to get him into the carrier he really freaked out and did bite and scratch the fosterer quite badly.

In the outdoor pen he was withdrawn and frightened and it broke our hearts... it seemed so strange that for the short time he was indoors he seemed like a different cat but was frightened in the pen, even though he had been in it long enough to know he was safe  and looked after.

Our theory was that maybe he was an indoor cat who, because he wasn't neutered escaped (or was dumped) and he was just overwhelmed and frightened with all the new sights, smells and sounds. He has now been neutered and microchipped.

As soon as we had space we moved him to an indoor foster environment and we are pleased to report he is now doing SO much better. He has really started to come out of his shell and his new fosterer is able to fuss him and pick him up.

He is still a little nervous of new sounds and we are aware that he has the ability to be unpredictable so we would not consider rehoming him with young children, but we feel confident now that he will be a lovely cat if he's rehomed to a relatively quiet,  adult household..

The ideal would be for him to be rehomed with experienced cat owners, who are prepared to set him up in one room in the house whilst he settles in, and just let him do things in his own time without forcing contact. We really don't feel this will take him very long (perhaps a week or two at most). We would like Sam to have access to a safe garden once he has settled in fully but as new owners you would need to be prepared that he may prefer to remain indoors if that is where he feels most safe

If you think you have the purrfect home to offer Sam then please complete an adoption enquiry form and we will be in touch . Many thanks

Why I'm special

I was found cowering in a shed frozen wih both cold and fear....No one knows how I got to be there and even I'm unsure. 

The lady who came and collected me was nice to me and took me to her house and in return I let her fuss my head - it was nice and I started to feel safe again...but then I heard her talking that I couldnt stop with her as I was 'entire' and needed to be moved into an outdoor pen until I had been 'neutered@. When she went to pick me up to put me in the carrier I panicked (maybe I had a flash back??) but I defended myself the only way I knew how and I bit and scratched her pretty bad. I felt awful as it made her scared of me and I dont really know why I did it in that splite second of panic :-( .

I went to an outdoor pen and although the people were nice and brought me food regulalrly I felt the same as I did in the shed - frightened - and became more withdrawn. I heard them say they were worried about me....that they would move me when they could but I didnt know when or where that would be to. Then that day came ...I instantly felt better being back indoors and although I was a little wary I soon began to love my new foster mummy and would come and say hello, have fusses a lots of playtime....all was looking good and a nice lasy came to see me and said she would offer me my forever home.

Unfortunately the day before I was due to be going my foster mummy was going to put me back in the pen and I didnt want that, so I panicked and again in that split second I forgot myself and bit her. She was shocked and dropped me and I panicked and swiped her leg in case she was going to do something bad. She wasnt of course but in that split second I reacted on instinct. I heard them saying they couldnt risk rehoming me to that nice lady as she had a young neice visit and I couldnt be trusted . They are right of course as I dont know what makes me do what I did ...I've only done it once in the 8 weeks I've been in care :-(

We believe Sam has probably been an indoor cat, and clearly has had some sort of traumatic experience which he associates with being picked up, as that is the only real time hes shown any aggression....but this is going to make it very difficult to find the right home for him.

Sam is a big cat and loves to play so we feel that being cooped up in foster care without much human interaction and playtime is probably not helping - so we are searching to try and find the purrfect home for him! What we feel he needs is a spacious home where he can feel comfortable and safe but also have enough room to stretch his legs and play and burn off some of his energy...although we feel he seems to be much more comfortable in an indoor environment we would like him to have access to the outdoors should he so choose once he is fully settled. 

There is no doubt he needs experienced cat owners who will know not to handle him and just let him settle in his own time. With this in mind his new home MUST have a front porch so that he does not have to be manhandled back into a space before you go to work in the morning to avoid the risk of him shooting through the door when you first come home. A house where he can settle in his own time with experienced people who will learn to read his body langauge and becareful before even attemtping to pick him up....and also someone who wont be frightened by the fact he might bite and be confident in handling a poatentially difficult cat when a vet trip may be necessary.

Our gut feel is that in the right environment , and given some time, that Sam will actually be a beautiful cat, once he fully builds a bond with his new owner/s....and has the space to run off some pent up energy. It goes without saying we won't rehome him with children.

If you feel you could offer Sam the perfect home then please do get in contact by completing our adoption enquiry form.

My personality

  • I'd prefer to be the only cat in a home
  • I'll probably spend more time inside
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle
  • I would prefer not to live with a dog

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Tabby and White
Age: 1 Year (approx)
Ref: Sam

Contact the centre or branch about me:

RSPCA Stourbridge & District Branch

You can also contact us via Facebook or our website for more information

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Tabby and White
Age: 1 Year (approx)
Ref: Sam

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