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When Nerys first came into Foster care she was a terrified little girl. She had been kept alone in a tiny little hutch with little or no human interaction. Her first instinct was flight mode and she would always dash off to hide as soon as you appeared. But it turns out that she is a very bold and brave little bunny. Once settled in a new and happy environment, she very quickly came out of her shell. She learned that humans were not to be feared and that there was no need to run and hide anymore. After all, we brought her food, toys and treats!

But she was still very nervous of hands and being touched, and was now bold enough to fight instead of flight. Our little flighty girl turned into a feisty girl! She started to growl, box and even bite if you invaded her comfort zone. She very quickly gained the nickname “Fizzy”.

However, she has now turned another corner. With a lot of patience and understanding she is quickly turning into an adorable little character. The growls are disappearing, the boxing has stopped and she has not bitten anyone for over 2 months.

She is a very fast learner, inquisitive and cheeky. Little “Fizzy” now comes running up to us to give a quick nudge and then binks and flicks her ears. She will eat out of our hands and we can even steal the occasional stroke when she is distracted by food. All of this has been achieved by sitting in her pen and letting her come to us in her own time. We then started stroking her with a feather. This was quickly attacked and shredded to begin with; but now we can gently brush her with it and tickle her ears. We are now at the stage of replacing the feather with gentle hands.

So if you have the patience and understanding to win the heart of this adorable little bunny, then we would love to hear from you. It will take time to win her trust, but the reward will be well worth it.

We would love her to bond with another bunny, but again her “fizzy” character means that this will have to be done with care and understanding. She would need a laid back and easy going boy that wasn’t too forward if you know what I mean. Time, understanding and patience are the keys to this little girl’s heart.

Why I'm special

Hi, I'm Nerys AKA Fizzy! 
I've been in foster care at Walsall RSPCA a while now, my foster mummy says i've had a rough start but i'm improving daily. I just need a Mummy and/or Daddy to call my own now. I can be a little tempermental but I promise to love you lots forever. Please give me a chance <3 

My personality

  • I may be able to live with a male rabbit
  • I need to be able to go outside and explore
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I'm independent - I like my own space

About Me

Breed: Lion head
Colour: Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)

Contact the centre or branch about me:

RSPCA Walsall Branch

0845 2723570

We rehome cats & small animals

About Me

Breed: Lion head
Colour: Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)

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