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Milo is a 5 month old, liver and white, spaniel Jack Russell cross breed.

Despite a bad start in life he is extremely friendly and very energetic. He would benefit from someone being at home all day to give him the time and attention that he needs.

He is currently living with another dog and 2 cats

He loves to play with a variety of toys and enjoys a good game of tug. 

He likes to explore when out on a walk but can be nervous around other dogs at the moment although this is getting better all the time. 

Older children only as he is extremely bouncy and could knock a smaller child over unintentionally.

Milo has done some basic training and would benefit greatly from continuing obedience training.

My personality

  • You'll need to take me to training classes
  • I could live with children of secondary school age
  • I need someone with me most of the time
  • I may be able to live with another dog
  • I may be able to live with a friendly cat
  • I'm always on the go
  • I love toys and games

About Me

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier crossbreed
Colour: Brown and White
Age: 3-6 Months

Contact the centre or branch about me:

RSPCA Chiltern Branch

07748 014572

About Me

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier crossbreed
Colour: Brown and White
Age: 3-6 Months
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