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Frost came into our care through traumatic circumstances which we can go into in further detail to potential adopters. Considering what he has been through he was given extra time to settle in with us and get used to his new routine. Now settled and over coming being neutered we feel he is now ready to find his new husky savvy home.
He has so many of the breed traits, some of which are the more difficult, that only someone who has lots of experience with Huskies will understand Frost and his communication methods. He can howl when left and upset, is very scent orientated when out and about and has to have a lot of high energy daily exercise to keep him mentally and physically stimulated. On the few occasions we have had to restrict exercise we have witnessed his behaviour become much more frustrated. He will also try the odd tantrum when not getting his own way, but new owners also need to take his age and upbringing into account when dealing with this to help round him into a calmer adult. It is quite clear that Frost has far too much energy and stubbornness for daily kennel life. He does have his redeeming qualities too! He knows a few basic commands and is reported to be housetrained and a good traveller. He may need refresher house training. Frost will need someone based at home a good part of the day to help him settle. The time he is left will need to be increased as he settles in the new home.
Frost could live with an older female spayed dog depending on introductions. Frost is better off the lead with dogs then on the lead. He has also learnt to enjoy play time and toys as he didn't seem to get it at first. He will also settle down and chill in a nice calm environment. Potential new home offers will need to have a discussion with our behaviour specialist to discuss past and potential problems and to begin what will be pre and post adoption support. He needs a home where an owner is at home to build up to leaving him very gradually. Adult only home and where it is possible to give him a quiet settling in period with fewer visitors until owners are happy he is totally at ease and feels at home.

My personality

  • I know how to sit (and lots of other commands too!)
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I need someone with me most of the time
  • I get on well with many other dogs
  • I'd prefer not to live with a cat
  • I'm always on the go
  • I love food and treats

About Me

Breed: Husky (Siberian)
Colour: White - Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)
Ref: 184226

Contact the centre or branch about me:

Millbrook Animal Centre

R S P C A, Millbrook Animal Centre
Guildford Road
GU24 8EH

0300 123 0740

11.30am-4pm every day except Mon (closed) - we prioritise animals we have rescued from cruelty and neglect, which means we cannot take in unwanted pets.

About Me

Breed: Husky (Siberian)
Colour: White - Black
Age: 1 Year (approx)
Ref: 184226
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