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Bobbie is a gorgeous long haired black-and-white cat that is currently in the care of our Sussex North Branch.

Bobbie was picked up as a stray by a concerned member of the public and brought into our care. Life on the streets has left a mark on handsome Bobbie and he is looking for patient owners who will give him the time to trust them.

We don’t believe that he always lived on the streets as Bobbie loves to be around people. When we go inside his pen he won’t leave our side, always brushing around our legs.

He is a real charmer, purring loudly and rolling on the floor to show us how happy he is to see us.

He loves to sit on our lap and having his neck rubbed. He enjoys this so much that we have trouble getting him off our lap again and sometimes spend way too much time in his pen being “held down” by Bobbie.

He also loves playing with his toy balls. Especially with his Catit Roller Circuit, which he can spend hours playing with as you can see in the video.

Not having a loving home and a routine in his life effected Bobbie’s health. When he came into our care he had an upset tummy and very soft stools. After various tests and visits to the vets, no obvious reasons could be found and his upset tummy was put down to stress.

Bobbie was then rehomed and we all hoped that his tummy would settle down but sadly this didn’t happen and he was returned into our care.

More vet visits followed and he was put on a course of steroids. This really helped to settle his tummy and we are very happy to say that he is feeling much better. He has now been weaned off the steroids but is still on a sensitive wet food diet.

He is coping extremely well here at the cattery and is remaining healthy so we believe it was the initial shock of all the changes to his life which caused this.

To keep Bobbie healthy the vets have advised us that he needs to remain on his current sensitive wet food – Science Hills Digestive Care i/d – and we are looking to rehome him to a relaxing adult only home where he will be the only cat.

His new owner must be committed to continue his strict diet. They need also to be aware that any stress could potentially upset his tummy again, and should this happen, Bobbie would need to see a vet and potentially be put on another course of steroids.

We are looking for a very experienced cat owner. Someone who will be delighted to see Bobbie happy and accept him for whom he is – a real character who will make you smile.

As the cattery in Horsham is currently full, Bobbie is being boarded at Becks Boarding Cattery on Hayling Island (between Chichester and Portsmouth).

To arrange a home visit or to find out more about the rehoming process, please contact the Sussex North Branch directly on 01403 267204.

To find out more about Bobbie, please contact Becks Boarding Cattery at 02392 462835.

Why I'm special

Bobbie is only a young cat and so much deserves to find an owner who will accept him for who he is.

He is such a checky cat with lots of character. He is playful, funny, curious and do likes to be around people. He just needs time to trust people he doesn't know.
Bobbie has come out so much in the last weeks and in a quiet home with an understadung owner, we are sure he will relax even more.

He is looking for new owners who will fully commit to keeping him on a strict diet due to his sensetive tummy. The food is not too expensive, around £14.90 for 24 pouches and his new owner need to be strict and not give him any treats or other food. 

Bobbie is special - no doubt about this. Now we are just need to find a special person for him. Can that be you?

My personality

  • I'd prefer to be the only cat in a home
  • I'll probably spend more time inside
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I'm a shy guy; I'll need time to settle
  • I would prefer not to live with a dog

About Me

Breed: Domestic Longhair crossbreed
Colour: Black and white
Age: 3 Years (approx)

Contact the centre or branch about me:

RSPCA Sussex North Branch

01403 267204

9am-8pm every day

cats - alternative number 07732 082348

About Me

Breed: Domestic Longhair crossbreed
Colour: Black and white
Age: 3 Years (approx)

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