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Betty is a sweet little cat who can be quite nosy once she has settled into an environment. She is very friendly but can be a little shy and unsure when being stroked in certain areas such as her lower back and base of tail.

Betty will seek you out for attention but not after she has fully explored an area first. She sometimes likes to play, chasing around after the cat teaser toy.

Betty doesn't like other cats much so she is to be the only pet in the household, she can be rehomed with children 12+. New owners will need to give her plenty of time to settle in and build up a bond with her.

Why I'm special

Betty is a beautiful girl who has been in our care for over 280days, she has seen over 120 cats leave us in her time so far!

All staff and volunteers can't understand why no one wants to adopt Betty. Sadly it is common for black cats to stay in our care longer but poor Betty really isn't having any luck.
Staff member Beth, felt very sorry for Betty and is currently fostering her. Fostering helps give Betty a more normal lifestyle; she gets more one on one time and gets the comforts of a home. Also, I believe she enjoys sitting on the sofa a night and cuddling up with her foster family. Betty is also a very playful girl and loves a mad dash around the house.

Betty is looking for a home where she will be the only pet within the household as sadly she doesn't like other cats or dogs. We are also looking for a mature family with older children as even though Betty has grown in confidence since being foster and does now sit on your lap she still very much enjoys her independence and isn't a fan of being picked up and carried around, due to this we feel she wouldn't be suitable for toddle/young children.

If you have a cat shaped whole in your heart and think Betty could be the one to fill it please get in contact on 01704-567624 and we can book you in to meet her. Please tell all your friends and family about Betty and help us find this lovely girl a furrr-ever home!

My personality

  • I'd prefer to be the only cat in a home
  • I need to be able to go outside and explore
  • I could live with children of secondary school age
  • I love company and would like you to be around a good part of the day
  • I would prefer not to live with a dog

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Black
Age: 2 Years (approx)
Ref: Southport Branch

Contact the centre or branch about me:

Southport, Ormskirk & District Branch Animal Centre

Animal Centre
New Cut Lane

01704 567624

Reception and open to the public: 11am - 4pm every day except Wed (closed). Last public viewings at 3.30pm each day.

The animal centre prioritises animals in need and takes most of its animals from RSPCA inspectors.

This establishment is run by RSPCA Southport, Ormskirk & District Branch

About Me

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed
Colour: Black
Age: 2 Years (approx)
Ref: Southport Branch
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