The Honours categories

Science Award

An award given for outstanding contributions to animal welfare science.

Young Person Award

For a person under the age of 16 who has shown exceptional kindness and dedication to animals.

Media Award

Given to a local or national journalist, broadcaster or media organisation for coverage and/or reporting that contributes to the field of animal welfare.

International Award

This award is given in recognition of service to international animal welfare.

Bravery/Rescue Award

Given to someone serving in the police force, fire department, RSPCA inspectorate or to a member of the public for rescuing an animal from danger.

Celebrity/VIP of the Year Award

Given to a high-profile animal lover for showing their caring side.

Queen Victoria Awards

This is given in recognition for the long-standing dedication and tireless work of an RSPCA member or volunteer.

Animal Awards

  • Survivor Award - For an animal who has survived against the odds and has shown their inner strength.
  • Animal Award - Given to an animal that has cared for and shown compassion to a person and has made a difference to a life.
  • Rescue or Service Animal Award - Given to a service animal whose actions have helped in a potentially life threatening situation.