Make Wales kinder for animals

May 2021 will mark the first election to the newly-named Welsh Parliament - and an important moment for animal welfare.

Improving animal welfare in Wales

RSPCA Cymru has been working tirelessly to compile a list of our animal welfare asks which we feel will make Wales a more compassionate place for all animals - be them big or small, wildlife or pets - or any other animals. Our asks for the first sitting of the Welsh Parliament can be found in Animal Welfare - Issues for the Welsh Parliament 2021-2026.

We want to see a commitment from all political parties to ensure Wales becomes a kinder place for all animals. We also want political parties to understand the issues or themes that are most important to our supporters.

Play your part and make Wales kinder

You can help us achieve these goals and play your part in making Wales a kinder place for animals. Subscribe to our campaigns newsletter so we can let you know what the next step is.

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