Living with wildlife

Wild animals can have a big impact on how you live; some people may want to deter certain species from their garden whilst others may want to encourage them to move in.

We've put together a series of guides designed to help you happily live with a range of wildlife species commonly found in houses and gardens across England and Wales.

Living with nesting birds (PDF 604KB)

Living with pigeons (PDF 424KB)

Living with gulls (PDF 600KB)

Living with Canada geese (PDF 372KB)

Living with deer (PDF 589KB)

Living with foxes (PDF 419KB)

Living with badgers (PDF 384KB)

Living with grey squirrels (PDF 440KB)

Living with hedgehogs (PDF 548KB)

Living with amphibians (PDF 456KB)

Living with reptiles (PDF 676KB)

Living with moles (PDF 544KB)

Living with bats (PDF 594KB)

Living with rats and mice (PDF 448KB)

Living with rabbits and hares (PDF 604KB)

Wild birds and netting

Bird deterrent netting that's not been properly installed or looked after can trap and even kill wild birds. If you know of a building where birds are getting caught in netting, please report it to us!

For more information on this project, read our Wild Birds and Netting (PDF 480KB) leaflet.

Wild animals and glue traps

We believe that glue traps cause unacceptable cruelty, and their indiscriminate nature means that many non-target species, even pets are caught out and suffer.

We believe that if these traps must be used, it should only be by trained professionals. If you know of a shop that sells these traps to the public, please report it to us!

For more information on this project, read our Wild Animals and Glue Traps (PDF 140KB) leaflet.

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