Homemade treats and gifts for pets

Help your pets have a fantastic Christmas with our simple homemade pet treat recipe and gift ideas.

Pet advent calendar

Treat your pet this Advent with a DIY calendar made from recycled materials, and fill with their favourite treats or toys. Then after Christmas you can re-use it as a purrrrfect puzzle feeder!

Make Christmas dog treats

Why not try making some of our tasty, healthy dog treats for your canine companion? The short video below (just a minute and a half) contains all you need to know to make your dog some yummy, homemade Honey and Banana Dog Biscuits (PDF 105KB)

Purr-fect cat treats

Make your cat delicious and healthy treats by following the instructions in our short video.

More great makes!

For more great ideas on kepping your pets entertained follow us on YouTube.

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