Going on holiday

Whether you take your pet on holiday or leave them in the care of a responsible person, there are things you  can do to ensure your pets remain happy.

For information about taking your dog on holiday please see our guide: Taking your dog on holiday factsheet (PDF 576KB)

Taking your pet on holiday

Things to consider

  • Many animals find the change in routine, environment and travelling stressful. Is taking your pet on holiday the best thing for them? It may be better to leave them in the care of a responsible person.
  • Make sure your holiday destination has all the facilities your pet needs.
  • Check with your vet that your pet is healthy and safe to travel. If they need medication take this with you. Ensure vaccinationsflea and worm treatments are up-to-date.
  • As well as being microchipped, your pet should wear a collar with an identity tag with your name, holiday address and contact details, so if they get lost you can be reunited as quickly as possible.

Taking your pet abroad

There are rules to be followed when taking a dog, cat or ferret abroad which vary depending on the country you're going to or coming from. For more information read the guide to taking your pet abroad, or call the Pet Travel Scheme helpline on 0370 241 1710.

Your pet may need to be vaccinated against diseases we don't have in the UK, including rabies. Ask your vet for advice.

Information on diseases your pet may encounter abroad can be found in the Animal Welfare Foundation leaflet, 'Taking your pets abroad'.

Transporting your pet

Help your pet have a safe, stress-free journey; see our
Transporting your pet factsheet (PDF 91.7 KB)

Keeping pets safe while you're away

Ensure your pet is cared for when you are away.

  • Ask friends and family to look after them.
  • Have a pet-sitter. Take a look at DogBuddy and find your perfect dog sitter.
  • Take them to a boarding establishment.

For information on all these options read our 
Keeping pets safe while you are away (100 KB) factsheet.

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